Civic engagement in Florida and the Nation

Ranking includes the 50 states and the District of Columbia
for the 2012 year

Voter Turnout in 2012 (Voting Eligible Population): 60.8%

Nation: 61.8%

Florida ranking: 36th

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Voter Registration in 2012: 68.3%

Nation: 71.2%

Florida ranking: 40th

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Contacted or Visited a Public Official: 10.3%

Nation: 12.3%

Florida ranking: 45th

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Belonged to a Community Group: 33.6%

Nation: 39.2%

Florida ranking: 47th

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Volunteered: 21.1%

Nation: 26.5%

Florida ranking: 46th

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Attended Public Meeting: 7.1%

Nation: 9.0%

Florida ranking: 47th

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Donated Money to a Charity: 45.7%

Nation: 51.8%

Florida ranking: 48th

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Worked with Neighbors to Fix a Community Problem: 6.4%

Nation: 8.4%

Florida ranking: 50th

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